Visionflex was founded in 2014 with the Vision: Quality healthcare should be accessible to more people.
Since then, the brand has represented innovative solutions built to bring high quality healthcare capability and reach for Doctors without being limited by geography.



Care For The Elderly

A boon for elderly and geriatric care

There is an urgent need to keep the aged healthy where they live rather than burdening them with the task of visiting a traditional hospital. This is because they often not ambulatory or have a disability which can at times cause them unnecessary stress, discomfort or even exposes them to unique health risks. Telehealth enabled by Telemedicine solutions allow a specialist to connect with them and they can avail medical services from the comfort of their residences.

The Telehealth care giver can actively monitor health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, injuries, skin conditions before and after an intervention. These Telehealth devices can capture high quality images and all relevant health data. This leads to an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and much better recovery from the ailment.

There is no need for the aged to suffer patient waiting times, the agony of travel, hospital transfers, and follow up visits. They can now be treated effectively with no compromise on the quality of care.

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General Medical Care Practice

Improving quality health care reach and access

State of the art and digitally enabled medical imaging and patient management are critical in a world in the midst of a pandemic and the post-pandemic world. Telehealth solutions for general practice allow you to be improve the reach and access of your healthcare delivery without being limited by location.

Doctors and Medical Specialists face limitations if the quality of diagnostic images and real time patient data is compromised. Critical features that are must haves in a relevant solution are a patient record integration software, high quality image and video capture and data records, compatibility with existing solutions in the care ecosystem. These Telehealth solution features are essential to be relevant in an ever evolving world of medical care.

The ProEX Telehealth Hub is enabled with future-ready imaging equipment and is designed to integrate with varied solutions via Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, DVI, CVBS & S-Video inputs. You can easily connect to your HL7-based EMR software and your patient’s real time data and history is just a click away!

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