VDoc empowers the healthcare sector of India by being the catalyst of care to the remotest of its citizens through the most advanced telemedicine tools created by the best in the world.

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GEIS® Exam Camera

General Exam Imaging System

The Visionflex GEIS® General Examination Camera (General Examination Imaging System) is a handheld device that can capture medical grade quality images and video in full HD 1080p resolution at the touch of a button. This easy-to-use medical imaging device allows its operator to perform a wide range of examinations.

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TotalExam® Backpack

Portable telemedicine solution

TotalExam® Backpack (TEB) brings a new dimension to providing telemedicine to the patient in remote environments. This lightweight, USB-powered design provides a simple and organized solution, configured for in-home care or remote provider consultations

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